Friday, May 11, 2012


The title to this post is really it because it is like 1 AM and I really feel the need to stay up to listen to this CD that I was formally and exclusively handed to by , starring in the CD itself along with partner Kaine Gang Music Group Presents #TeamNoSleep Episode: 1, is the action as well as the title of the CD that dropped about a month ago, but graced my life on this special night. 

I came across Kaine Gang one day while chilling with my friend and awesome beat maker,   , who was showing me music videos his team, New Frequency, rapped, produced, and directed. New Frequency filmed  and did a clean ass job on Kaine Gang's "Going Back to Tally" video. I have been living in Tallahassee for the past two years and I thought Tally was the ultimate pits-- the boonies. Until I hear this awesome song and see this fresh ass video, I'm like "Oh Shit! Taaaallllyyyy! Heeeeey!" LOL. Check it out ...

It's cute because every time I'm on my way back up to Tally, my quote is "I'm going, going back, back to Tally, Tally." It was cool to hear an actual song out of it. As soon as I got home, I added the song to my playlist and looked the dudes up on Twitter to mention them something simple, like I always do to low key dope artist, to let them know that I am awake on their work. Around the same time, I see Kwik (who starred in my previous post) tweeting #KAINEGANG #TEAMNOSLEEP, so I'm like "oooookay truuuuue", what a cowinkidink! After going back and forth on the Twitter with Kayo, he offers to deliver me a CD; which I was hella hype to hear ... which I'm currently jamming to right now. Upon his arrival, I got the chance to sit and talk to Kayo a little bit about the CD and about my ambitions. It was pretty dope, I must say. After our nice little session, Kayo and his friend, Ray, departed and I got ready for my next unexpected move of the night.

I was looking fresh until a dancing chili cheeseburger magically landed on my damn jeans -___- I was so embarrassed because I was going to the music studio, 360, here in Tallahassee. I didn't know too much about it, except that it is a music studio and that I did not want to walk up in there with a damn chili stain on my thigh. Whatever. I humbly go inside and I randomly run into two old associates, it felt cool to know somebody somewhere I have never been before. This was my first time in a music studio, in general. It was cool and I was chill. I was there with my friend while he and studio manager, Winston (I hope that's how his name is spelled), took some care of business. In between their time, I got to ask Winston a couple of questions about his movement and I really wished we could have finished our interview session because he had a lot of eye-opening shit to say.

When I got home, I had to recap everything that just happened in the past five hours. I am just amazed and so blessed to be in this position. I feel so pretty. Fuck every distraction, trill shit. Liiiiiiiike, this right here is really a start. 1:56 AM, this time right here fucking MATTERS. Ay,   but I'm just like in awe. (I figured I'd mention my dawg, A'sha since I was saying the phrase and it's her twitter name.) But for real, time waits on nobody, not even pretty girls. Everything at this point right now is important. I can either use it to my advantage or be stupid. But right now, at this moment I'm #TEAMNOSLEEP. #TEAMBAGSUNDEREYES, bih #TEAMIMADOTHISSHIT, bih #TEAMJAMMING tho !!! 

This whole CD has been treating my eardrums so nicely. Thank you so kindly. I am not a big fan of Florida music or any Florida artist not even if I'm twerqing to it, but I can honestly say that in these past two hours I have grown to be a  fan of Kaine Gang. Like I can sit down and jam out or I can stand up and  twerq. Whatever I want to do, whatever my preference is because Kaine Gang gives me choices, that is how good the CD is. The different beats are all top quality and so diverse. One minute I would feel like I'm chilling under the sun then all of a sudden I'm in the kitchen on the phone ... at the same damn time. I would say Kaine Gang's music is gangster rap but their sound has is fun and creative. The sound is familiar but treated differently. So differently that it gives birth to this new genre of music that I have no name for other than "that 2012 shit." I definitely peep the hard work put in and #NOSLEEP written all over this. And to have been personally handed this CD is really the shit to me because of how I feel right now. And that is proud. I feel proud. Proud, because Kaine Gang is not bringing the future of the hip-hop and rap industry down but helping it rise with it's familiar yet new sound to the game. I can only say so much but it will only be up to my readers to YouTube Kaine Gang to watch some videos and rock out. 

Favorite Tracks &Why
Intro- Trill shit. Just listen.
Track 1 Livin Fo- "Tired of being broke, so I got up off my ass."
Track 6 Another B@tch- Never heard a bitch song like this. Not talking about me in the 1st verse, btw.
Track 12 Going Back to Tally- It was love at first hear. It's always nice to hear a song that represents.
Track 13 Mardi Gras-  That beat! Another Frequency Films
Track 17- Illuminati- Success doesn't always come with illuminati. That beat >

Thank you <3