Sunday, February 5, 2012

Zom Zaddy

Greetings readers,

Yesterday I was like "Omg, I haven't written in my blog in a while" Even though  it's been like two or three days though, but to me that's a long time because I am always on my computer. Then it hit me, I actually have a life! I've been out doing shit; doing me, bih! NOW THAT'S DOPE!

It's been a Dom Kennedy weekend for me.

Dom Kennedy.

Now that's my type of man. He looks like a Dominican baseball player. Before I get into this, I must inform you that his favorite baseball team is the Dodgers, just like my father and it's my father's favorite team because it was the first baseball team to recruit, draft, whatever the term, is Dominicans. #history

Dom Kennedy has been out for a good minute, but I just discovered him and started jamming around November when I heard "1997" chopped and screwed on this Chopped and Screwed mixtape I copped. Out of all the joints on the tape, I was fucking with "1997" the most because 1997 was a good year for me and I'm not going to lie, I loved when he spits "I wanna marry you is what I told my first dime." It warms my heart. I was a git, five years old, but that's when I fell in love with hip-hop. But that discussion for a different post. This one is for Zom Zaddy!

So I started exploring more of Dom's tracks and tapes. You know how when you first meet somebody and you already feel comfortable and at ease as if you have known that person for a long time? Well, that's how I felt while I was listening to Dom. I was just introduced to him but I already felt comfortable. I love when he spits about a female. It's not too cheesy and it's not too degrading or lame. I first heard From The Westside With Love, then I copped The Original Dom Kennedy and then I backtracked and copped a few of his older stuff like, 25th Hour, Best After Bobby, and From Orville Wright To Overnight.

25th Hour and Best After Bobby are freestyles over popular songs such as "Big Poppa", "I'm Good", and "Best You Ever Had" which stood out to me because I love Drake's cheesy ass version but this two minute freestyle has so much SWAG to me.

We have plenty of rappers rapping about the same shit, and yeah okay, Dom is rapping about that shit too, but he has a clever way of making shit NOT SOUND THE SAME like I usually hear with many other rappers. Whenever I discuss music with another person, I always tell them "There's so much more to hip-hop than the basic shit we hear on the radio." Dom is a part of that "so much more."

I'm just speaking about what I KNOW and FEEL.I know I'm not a professional music critic, but I am a fan which beats being a critic. I am open to critics and I'm willing to be schooled a little more on Dom or anything that I blog about!

Peep this cool ass video, from 25th Hour, Watermelon Sundae.

Shout out to my bess, Markel, for influencing me to dig deeper into Dom's discography and my friend, Buddy, for basically putting me on. (He met Dom btw, thought I'd add that because he's told me like six times lol.) And to my one and only follower that I have and of course my readers because I see my page views go up everyday.