Friday, March 9, 2012

Hip-Hop You Saved Me

This blog consist of the particular way that I, Vanity Duran, study  music. This blog is to spread awareness on underground artists and DJ's to the basic people in this country, in this world. This blog is an opportunity for my readers and for myself to open our minds to the bigger things in life, mainly music. When I think of things to write for my blog, it helps me discover new things about myself that I never knew I had in myself.

Up until this week I was a lost, helpless child. Like, I have my head on right and I'm 19 years too old but I wasn't on stable grounds. I thought I was, but sometimes tragedy has to strike in order for myself as well as anyone else, to take the eye boogers out of my eyes and have a clear view to what's in front of me.


^ Similar to the scientific method.

While I was cleaning the castle (my parent's house) I was in a state of grief. I was jamming to Keri Hilson's "Knock You Down" featuring Ne-Yo and Kanye West. When Mr. West's verse came on I found myself nodding my head not to the beat or to his flow, but to what he was saying. It was like he was really talking to me. It was as if I had just vented to Mr. West and what he was rapping was his response to me. Sorry ya'll he was talking to me! Lol, no but he made perfect sense and it was just what I needed to hear. I would go into detail about what he said and how it related to me but that's none of your business, lol.

"Knock You Down" came out my Senior year of high school and I have never felt the way I did about that song until now, during my second year in college. For the most part, "Knock You Down" is a love song, right? That's how I would listen to it, as  another cute love song, "aw so cute, so right, I'ma call my baby right now." But this time, it hit me hard. Instead of listening to it as a love song, I listened to it as my therapist, free of charge!

This discovery led me to think about hip-hop as a whole. I was thinking, "Damn Mr. "Asshole" West really comforted me. You're so sweet, Kanye. Why the hell do people think he's so evil? I mean yeah, he's an ass but all that worshiping the evil hype is for the ignorant, close-minded birds. How can somebody with so much recognition and respect worship the evil when he has so much success that so many of us, including myself, a child of God, wants to taste.

Hell yeah, there is evil out there. But if you constantly think about evil and all that, don't you think evil is surrounding you? That maybe you're just pointing the finger at something else under envy and hate?

I just erased my statement about "Let me stop talking about evil before something happens ..." I erased that because if I honestly, truly have faith in my God, nothing can touch me. Like they say, WHO GON STOP ME HUH!? Certainly not evil! I am not afraid. And by any means, hey.

Music is supposed to be therapy. These artist have their rights to create whatever they want to create and however they want to create it, according to the First Amendment and Artistic Expression, Google! These artists confide in the beat as their diary, as their unique voices bleed into the beat creating a song. We as the audience, are the nosy parent snooping through their child's diary. Get it? I do.

Why must everything good and pure be taken for evil and bullshit?

Music is a big influence in our lives and can fuck us up in the long run if we think of ourselves as a superstar if we're just a Plain Jane but my point in this post is that, basically, cut the bullshit and just jam! Relate to it, if you can't, keep it moving. Why must we have to ruin everything we come across! Why! We're humans! We're all equal after you take away the money, clothes, and the STD's. As long as we have a heart beat and a working brain, we are not robots. Even animals and plants like music. But if you're reading this you're a human so I'm talking to you. We all have feelings and deal with things differently from one an other. I hope that I'm making sense and you don't think I'm an ignorant, young, dummy because I'm not. I talk about what I know and understand it's just that sometimes I have trouble trying to make actual sense of it all. If you know that you can help me with this problem please tell me and help me because I know that I'm a good writer I just need some helpful tips.

The moral of this blog is that instead of making music, especially hip-hop, look like the enemy, maybe we need to reconsider some things in our lives that is making us think the way we're thinking. And if you dig deep and can not find a valid reason, then I have nothing nice to say so I just won't say it.

This is titled Hip-Hop You Saved Me because she reminds me that I am not alone. And sometimes I can feel really lonely. I have the artist and the fans who like that song right in my corner suffering or celebrating with me. Hip-Hop saved me because she's a living proof on what to do and what not to do. Hip-Hop gives me hope, closure, and freedom.

Hope that I will succeed as whatever occupation it is that I want to be.

Closure that there is people that I can reach out to. That there is a solution to every problem, no matter how big or small.

Freedom to dance however I want to. Freedom that can express any emotion that I might feel within myself.

Music is our friend, he is not our enemy.

Do you feel me?

Thank you <3