Friday, March 9, 2012

Style Free

Denzel Martin aka Bandit Da Pilot is one of my personal friends who has been rapping for as long as I've known him, which is about three years now. I have come across a lot of friends who are rappers so it was really nothing to new to me that Denzel were any different, lol.

He stood out to me though because instead of just being close-minded and focusing on his music he took interest in my blog which made me mad hype. I LOVE when people let me know that they keep up with my blog. So when he told me he wanted me, VAN!TY, to be the first to review this mix tape, I knew I was going to do it.

Bandit Da Pilot and his crew BDP took classic beats from popular songs that we already may know and transformed them into something brand new and hip.

I honestly did not know what to expect especially coming from a group of self-made artists. Their flow is pretty consistent, it makes sense, and it's well put together. Whew* lol o_o I'm sorry I'm just used to hearing a lot of bullshit from self-made artists.

Although I wished "'97 Planes Freestyle" were a little longer, I approve the fast rhyming over the smooth, mellow beat of "1997." My favorite track is "See What I See." Yeah I see what you see! Thank you for being so real on that track and using a Patti LaBelle beat, FRESH! If you're confused as to why there are so many clones in this world, then pay extra attention to this track.

This is my first time actual hearing Denzel as Bandit Da Pilot. #NoLandingGear V.1 is BDP's first official mix tape. I congratulate you guys because you all have something to be proud of in a humble way. Keep rapping about the shit that you know and have gone through and I see you all going somewhere. Keep working together and bettering each other to be where you all plan to be.

Why should you give these guys a chance?
Because they are a normal group of kids working hard to provide something fresh for the young audience. I'm convinced that what these artists rap come from humble thoughts, unlike a lot of artists we like to listen to. The different types of voices and style of rapping all come together and presents you with #NoLandingGear V.1

It's been a pleasure.

I free styled on this blog. I didn't ask for an interview or any extra information because I didn't want any.

Thank you <3