Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Get Rich

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get.

It has been pouring rain all day, from morning to night. 
For most folks, this Monday has been gloomy and depressing.
 For me, this day has been awesome and jolly.

I love rainy days.

I love every new day that I wake up to.

Awesome on top of awesome, my day just kept on getting better and better.

I randomly got a text message from Kayo, from one of my previous blogs who told me he wants me to meet a friend of his. Kayo showed his rapper friend my Twitter and my blog and told me that he is interested in meeting me to possibly have a spot on my blog.


Siddy Rich AKA Da VooDoo Baby 

The meeting was mad random. I didn't know what to expect when I got into the car with Siddy. I don't consider myself to get star stuck but when I seen him covered in all these diamonds and jewles I laughed to myself because I looked so "throwed" in my sweats and cut up T-shirt, first impression counts, right? But I didn't sweat my sweats. Mind over material, anyways, right? 

I'm always pretty jolly when I meet people but within a few minutes after our introduction, things got quiet and it was OD awkward. LOL.

I gave myself a reality check. Like, if I'm dead serious about what I am trying to do, I have to be poppin out the mouth, questions on top of questions. Show interest. So I got myself togets and spit.

I grew to have much lowkey respect for Siddy.
Low key because I didn't really make it show. I am not a hype beast. Some things should be left as a mystery. I am not a groupie. 

For anyone who can vibe to Boosie and Webbie, you can definently vibe to Siddy.
Not that anyone can take Boosie's spot, but while he's gone for the moment I suggest you peep Siddy. 
Why not?! 

A new, fresh gangsta appeal.
Siddy does not smoke nor drink which is rare.
But not square!

I like how consistent Siddy's rhymes are. That's the first thing I noticed. They're not sloppy. Lots of catchy hooks. I like that I don't get a ratchet or extremely ghetto vibe from him. And his car smelled good too, I'm just saying.

While jamming to Siddy's music, I was so happy to be there. There's nothing more beautiful than listening to somebodys music with them through their speakers. That's really wassup. Progress.

Another thing I noticed about Siddy was that in his videos he's a natural in front of the camera. Peep in his video "Rap Game."

I like that the video is simple and personal. Not too much going on, but it's not boring, and it has high quality. The video focuses a lot on him, personally. 

I am so honored to have been asked to write a blog for you, Siddy. I hope that you enjoyed my company and my piece. 

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Thank you <3