Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cruise Control

I appreciate Denzel because he actually reaches out to me and tells me that he wants ME, Vanity nomiddlename Duran, to write the first review for his mix tape :'3

I am finally getting a chance to hear the tape. It is a tape full of already made songs and Denzel AKA Bandit Da Pilot and his homie,  Real Trendz rap over it.

My eyes got big when I heard Go-Go song, "Bait" come on, lol, I was surprised and impressed. It is like a blend of Go-Go and Rap put together, beat wise. That is wassup because a lot of people are asleep on Go-Go. (I wrote an entry about Go-Go previously :3 peep, if you had not read.)

The duo goes back and forth spitting lyrics, which reminds me of Styles P and Jadakiss, and I am not complaining.

I love how there is singing AND rapping, at the same damn time.

A lot of random beats that we might have not heard in a while, or have not heard at all.

I respect the mix tape and the artists because they are not just sticking to one type of Hip-Hop, like not just northern rap, or strictly southern rap, you know? There is diversity. Not just a rack of gangster rah rah music. And not just a load of smoker music. It is a little bit of everything for anybody.

Denzel has a lot of confidence to be singing too. He does not even sound bad.

That is what music is about.


I am not just a "hype up the artist" blogger, I do like to keep it real with the artist. So I admit, the quality of the songs are not 100%. I would like to hear the lyrics more loud and clear.

I have known Denzel for a few years now and I ca not do anything more but respect his grind.

I am proud to be a listener of this mix tape and to be a friend of Denzel. I appreciate you guys both hard work and dedication put into this tape.

Pilot has the deeper voice and is singing. Trendz is not singing and does not have the deeper voice.

Follow them on Twittuh: @RealTrendz3 & @BDPilot.

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