Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day

It's Labor Day and we're all celebrating. 

Do we know what we're celebrating though?

We're celebrating our hard work!

It's a brand new school year and it is so awesome to see so many new and old faces around campus.

Happy Labor Day.

To all the hard working students. Out of state, in state, locals. We represent Florida A&M University. Which makes our life so much more interesting. 

Happy Labor Day.

I admire you all. From the work you put into your appearance, to the work you put into your studies. 

Today is your day. It's our day.

To all the employees and students. 

If ever you feel unappreciated, don't feel.

There is always at least one body thinking about you and appreciating what you do.

I might not personally know you, and I'm not talking to anybody in particular, just everybody who reads this. 

Happy Labor Day.

It's your day.

We are the future.

It's tough work even waking up in the morning from a wild night but what matters most is that we're awake.

Happy Labor Day.

To all the up and coming artist. Happy Labor Day. You are the shit to me. Please continue what you are doing. And if that means getting a big head, then so be it. Happy Labor Day. You deserve it. 

Happy Labor Day to everybody! It is our day. And we need to celebrate. 

This is my gift from me to you on this Labor Day.

We all have something in common. 

Working to be where we want to be. 

Happy Labor Day.

Thank you <3