Monday, September 10, 2012

Dear Summer

Man oh man, I had the best summer ever.
I got so freaking stoned.

I added more tattoos to my body of  nature.

I went to the most awesome places at the most random times. 

I passed both of my summer classes.
I did my first photo shoot.

I got to color my hair the way I've always wanted it.
I met some awesome people.
I got to meet and greet Casey Veggies, ol fine ass.
I did a lot of thrifting.
I got to twerk on stage at the Juicy J concert.

I found my inner peace.
I got a pet fish.
I got to go to Miami without my parents. 

I got to see my family from Jersey. Its been a long time.

I spent lots of quality time with my older sister. She's my idol.

I've grown closer to my sisters.


Most importantly, I have memories and photos that I will cherish forever.
Experiences and lessons that I will carry forever.
I am so thankful to be alive. To be healthy. To be where I am today.
I am especially thankful for you keeping up with me.
Thank you.
Love Vee <3