Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy HoliLIDZ

A happy holiday, indeed, my friends. I hope that you are enjoying yourself and having a relaxed break.

Thank you for being here with me as I introduce you to  Lance aka @JetLifeLidz, soon to be known as DJ Lidz.

Coming live from the underrated city of Tallahassee and the highest of the hills at FAMU, Lance is an up and coming DJ who stands out from any other DJ in the city with the unique choice of music he puts together in his weekly mixes for Hip-Hop lovers on his Sound Cloud page.     

As a beginning DJ, the humble, handsome young man purposely usually refrains from todays 'ratchet' music to remind music fans of the rich culture that Hip-Hop and Rap has grown up from. He celebrates the culture in his mixes with new school sounds like Black Hippy, Childish Gambino and Stalley, as well as going back in time with classics by artists like Tupac, Snoop Dogg and A Tribe Called Quest.

Lance is not like any ordinary DJ. You must have a true love for Hip-Hop and Rap in order to understand where he is coming from with his craft. Sorry, not sorry. He stands out as a DJ because not only does he play for his audience but he plays for himself, as well, as he stays loyal to his musical roots.

I am proud to be apart of this journey with him from gig to gig as I see how each crowd reacts to the selection of his songs.

A DJ is just as important as the lyrics flowed over a dope beat. The DJ is an artist himself as he sets the atmosphere at socials and parties by being able to paint smiles on faces for the way he blends in the colors of a beat from song to song.

As a witness, I am so proud of Lance as I watch him take control of the musical wheel while his audience goes along for the ride.

Cheers to good music and thank you DJ Lidz for celebrating the realness of Hip-Hop and Rap.

Peep and Follow him on https://soundcloud.com/djlidz25/

Thank you <3