Friday, November 23, 2012

Sun Bathe

I listen to music on a daily basis. But music takes a great hold on me whenever I am feeling bummed. I swim through the music trying to find oxygen and it never fails. I have a few joints on my list that will knock the sadness out of me at any given moment. But this particular song "Sun Bathe" by 10ille hits the motherfucking spot.                                                                                                                                                          

I definitely find my oxygen and much more listening to that joint. I feel the need to share this with my peers because sometimes we feel so alone in this over populated world. And I ask myself Why?

So I go outside. And the sun makes everything alright.

I am no longer trapped in my wounds. I am no longer worried about the negative. I don't even remember what the fuck I was upset about.

That right there, my G, is known as the power of nature. Mother Nature. We are never alone.

The world constantly spins. Late at night, when we are all alone, getting ready for our slumber, somebody is up thinking about you because they are thinking just like you.

So when you're feeling down and out, sun bathe. Mother Nature has an open ear and arms for any of her roses in the garden.

When you are feeling down and out, read this piece.

Hit me up. I will appreciate it.

Truly yours,

Daughter Nature.