Monday, February 4, 2013

Catfish from the Trap

The use of mass communications can be easily abused. But in many ways people are easily able to connect with one another at any given time no matter how far or close a person may be. Not everyone you might meet via social networks is harmful, nor should you always be ashamed to meet people online. This post gives an example of the constructive use of social networks in reference to the infamous Catfish that many of us have been exposed to. 

On Twitter, I interact with various people from all over the country. I was granted the opportunity one day while promoting for my blog to speak with Craigo Gettems, Founder of TrapRock Radio from Baltimore. I was granted to get to know the story of how Trap Rock was formed and a little bit about the artists under TrapRock, Jase and Jayy Starr

Craigo started off TrapRock in 2007 as a DJ hosting mix tapes, influenced by DJ Drama and Gangsta Grillz. In 2011, Craigo decided to expand the TrapRock brand with adding artists, clothing, websites, etc. "As a brand, it will give artists a platform to be heard, to reach a broad audience, to have support, to have sharing network opportunities, and to come up with creative ideas in order to make the brand stronger.”

Jase, one of Craigo's artists under TrapRock, has been with Craigo since he first started TrapRock. Jase rapped and Craigo DJ’ed, which allowed the both of them to always have a voice and a vision. But they knew that they had to improve themselves before they took on bigger responsibilities. By 2010, with the help of Craigo, Jase came out with a mix tape titled, "Waiting," which is now an album. "An impressive album that got plenty of positive feedback and praises from his peers. Jase's one and only project so far," says the proud supporter. 

Jayy Starr, another artist under TrapRock, is from California. Another praise for the use of constructive mass communications.

"I met Jayy Starr in 2010 while networking on Twitter on Christmas day. She released a video entitled "Grinchmas." Somebody who was doing promo mentioned her music to her Twitter. I thought her video and song was so on point, it caught me off guard cause I never heard a female artist with so many flows as well as confidence and charisma. I tweeted her giving her much props. I did my research on You Tube and heard more of her music. After I heard this one song, "Fairy tale," I was completely sold. I haven't heard a female MC as talented as her in a very long time. She defies the stereotype that they give many female artists now day."

Around the same time, Craigo started up a new venture with his partner Big Dro. They wanted to create a platform for artists not just in Baltimore, but also around the whole country; as well as to show artists from Baltimore to the whole country. 

Jayy Starr's latest project can be downloaded on Datpiff and also found on

"It is on a solid foundation starting with me and provides a platform for the artists music. It is family oriented whether it is support in music or in general. I care to know what is going on, like a strong friendship. We share creative ideas and helpful suggestions to make the brand stronger. Which I believe will make the bond even tighter and motivate us all. There will be two songs dropping on Valentines Day, Jayy Starr Falling Out and Jayy Starr featuring Jase Love Killer Pt.2," says Craigo.

The independent label, Top Dawg Entertainment, influences Craigo. "I like how the founder stands behind his artists. In a three to four year span, Kendrick, Schoolboy, Ab Soul, and Jay Rock all have been successful from the way their solo projects have been valued with presentation, quality and merchandising. I really like how they use the music, name and clothing to create revenue. As well Nipsey Hussle and his label All Money In."