Friday, February 8, 2013


Nate and Devin are two young aspiring rappers coming out of Tampa, FL. CRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIB!

I got the chance to virtually spend a whole day with the two by conversing with them about life and asking them questions about their rap career.

Like the big urban hippie that I am, Nate and Devin are hippies too. They are able to express themselves through their music attempting to spread awareness on reality. 

"It is a shame what our world is today, but we can save it. It starts with us right now," says Nitti Nate.

I run into a lot of people who share the same beliefs on how to improve the world. We, as a whole, ARE the majority. But I have noticed that since we are so humble and peace willing, we tend to fade into the obnoxiousness of negative people, the minority.

Devin and Nate are close friends who feature each other on one another's songs.

"We met through the ganja but we parted ways for a while. After a year or so, I came back and told him I was rapping and he goes, "Dog, me too!" From there on we have been working with each other. Building a team, building something strong," says Devin on how he and Nate got together.

Both rappers vent to the beat about past experiences and their daily lifestyle. They share with their audience their deepest secrets.

Devin likes to stand out as a storyteller. He does not want to rap about "money, clothes and hoes." Although he did attempt to write like it, it just did not work out for him. He plans to help improve his city. He wants to share his success with his hood believing that life is too short to work two jobs just to live. "People are so talented and nobody can stop you from your dreams. I live it everyday. I hope to make a difference, man, being a white MC is a pretty good feeling."

Devin pours his heart out on one of his tracks letting the world into his dark closet where his skeletons are kept. He shares with his audience about when he was abused as a kid and having to watch his mother get hit. "I have seen a lot for a 20 year old, I have been through enough. But music and rhyming is like my journal, it is a release where I can go and say how I feel."

Nitti Nate says that music can teach, heal and uplift your mood. "Shit, growing up it was all of that for me. Even when I was not necessarily looking for answers, I found them in music and I want to share that with others."

I thank artists like Nate and Devin, even if they are not internationally known. Their motives behind each of their music gives me hope that one day we can reach world peace. G shit. There are so many people like us; who want to live in a better place that is working toward making that change starting with them. They are many of us in this world who want to share their success with others.

"I have been noticing that people around me all want the same thing or something similar so we just have been growing and finding out where we want to take our movement," Nate says.

You can hear Devin and Nate's music on each of their Sound Clouds. Also keep up with them on Twitter.

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