Monday, July 8, 2013

Ride With Me

As I dig deeper within my soul to discover the possibilities of my mission in life, I find a bunch of diamonds

covered in dirt. The diamonds are known as the joy that nature   brings to my life. I refer to the dirt as the challenges that constantly attempts to take away from my joy.

On Dr. Phil's special episode of  "Baiters," I heard a great example on how to manage life metaphorically spoken through the process of driving.

If you are constantly looking in the rear view mirror, while driving, you will crash and end up in a ditch. 
Where as in reality, if you are constantly looking back on the occurrences of your life, you will crash as you are taking away from allowing yourself to move forward. 

Another example was about the 8 year old and adult: Would you trust an 8 year old to drive your car carefully without getting into any accidents?

I hope not!

But if in life, you find yourself letting your inner 8 year old self take control over your adult hood by constantly bringing up things from your past, you will end up in  destruction as you would if the 8 year old were driving.

As I was driving today, while cars were ignorantly jumping in front of me, I noticed how much I lack road rage. I was proud of myself to find myself at ease. I was reminded of the Dr. Phil driving metaphors and more examples began to pour out from my mind.

If I get angry at a car for driving too slow in front of me or for jumping in front of me without showing its signal, how angry would I get if I actually got into an accident?
How will I be able to handle the situation then through my anger?

As in reality, getting angry over minor issues has never prepared me for the bigger and tougher obstacles that nature has brought upon me. Ironically, I was more in control of my temper while I was driving than when I was sitting in my room in the dark crying because of a comment my father said. For now on, I will practice to control my temper for my personal life the same way I did while I was driving.

Being stuck in traffic will cause us to be late, but usually the peak of traffic is caused by a car accident that you were so luckily to have miss. Some rushing folks are able to dodge traffic by taking through short cuts. And other folks will rather take the local route, traffic and all.

In order to reach a successful point in your life, it takes time, faith and alertness.

It takes time and a speed limit in order to safely reach your destination. It takes confidence in other drivers to  trust that they have enough common sense to not drive into you and cause for you to run off the road. And it also takes being alert to your surroundings to be able to swiftly dodge the bumps of the pavement.

When we receive our permits and licenses for the various vehicles a dealership has to offer, we gain  more experience and even more responsibility as we commit ourselves to the bigger properties of life.

Something blocks you from being able to succeed in your life, you have to carefully move on the next empty lane.


You  are in control of your own life whether it is your choice to do right or wrong. You are responsible to pay for the consequences of your actions.

You carry the power of your life as your hands are on the steering wheel.

Every now and then you must undergo construction in order to smoothen out the road on your mission possible. Even if we have come to the end of the road, we will always have  the tools and the ability to be able to reconstruct our paths and start new.

You are an Aston Martin.

We ALL wake up in Bugatti's.

 Thanks to be God.

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Thank you xox