Thursday, April 18, 2013

Truly Yours

I took a personality test for my Psychology class and I had to share my goals and what I want to pursue in my career. Here is what I wrote:
My current goal is to continue to seek opportunities that will allow me to gain experience with my career goals. I am an aspiring entertainer. My current goals are to host shows and events held on campus and in the community and write for newspapers, magazines and blogs, specifically the school newspaper, FAMUan and my blog. These are my current goals because as each day passes, I am getting closer to graduating from Florida A&M University.  I would be insane to not take advantage of the opportunities that are right in front of my face. I have a big spirit, so I am interested in writing about an array of topics. I yearn to stand out because I understand that the journalism field is very competitive. I am willing to do certain tasks that the average female will not do. I enjoy writing about specific issues and topics that the young college student would not normally write, for example tax fraud and how it can affect a student’s present and future.
Labeled as an “ugly duckling” growing up, I always admired what I saw on TV; I spent my whole childhood trying to grow up entirely too fast trying to go along with the trends, and my grades suffered terribly all because I thought that would make me Miss Popular. It was not until high school that realized that everything I saw on TV was fake and full of foolishness. I was angry at myself because I allowed myself to make a fool out of myself thinking the way I thought and trying so hard the way I did to fit in. I set my mark throughout the halls of Leto High School with my original style and big hair. I stood far out from the average female student. I was a class clown, I loved to read aloud, and I continued to follow up on all of the trends … but only to inform other people around me. I participated in plays, which was totally not cool, but I succeeded. I managed to win “Most Likely to Be Famous” out of my whole Senior class. I wanted to further expand my knowledge, so I went on to college, but not just any college, I went to Florida A&M University.
Today I stand as a third year Broadcast Journalism student and my younger third grade self could not be any more proud. My mission is to save the little girls of this generation who are just like me when I was growing up. Through the art of mass communications, I will spread awareness on the importance of nature and natural beauty. I plan to make people of all ages feel beautiful within their own skin. Through radio, magazines, and television, I will help viewers realize that bliss and beauty comes from within, from your nature and natural instincts.
Based on the results from the personality test, my strengths that can facilitate on accomplishing my goals are extremely accurate. I received high scores for a lot of great things such as liveliness, dominance and perfectionism. The low scores that I received were because I am trusting, unsuspecting, accepting, complacent and self satisfied. I am outgoing, attentive, kind, easy-going and I like people. I prefer abstract thinking rather than reasoning because I am strongly self-reliable, resourceful, and individualistic.
I have been awarded with a gift from God to help people flee from their self-misery. I will uplift my brother and sister and praise them with the truth until they realize their worth. Everyone has the potential to succeed, no matter how big or small his and her dream is. The rise to success starts with your self-esteem. When you have confidence within yourself, you are unstoppable; you can achieve everything you dream of. I will spread awareness throughout my community by first and foremost, practicing what I preach. I will continue to embrace my strengths and show it off in a positive matter. I will contribute the values of nature to my community and hopefully the nation.